What does it mean to have a document notarized?

When a notary notarizes a document, they are essentially legitimizing a signature. Notaries are not required to read or evaluate documents and they may not provide advice. A Notary simply verifies who signed the document and when.

Why are documents notarized?

Documents are notarized to ensure proper execution and to deter fraud.A notary public will ensure that the signer of a document is whom they claim to be. It is also important for the Notary to be sure that the signer is aware of and understands what he/she is signing and is free from any coercion.

Can a document that contains blank spaces be notarized?

No, the document should be completed before notarization. The signer can line through the blank areas or enter N/A. This will prevent fraudulent information from being entered into the documents at a later time.

Is Translation allowed?

No, Translation is not allowed during notarization. The Notary must be able to communicate directly with the signer in a language which both the Notary and signer can understand.

Can a notary public draft documents to be notarized?

No, it's against the law for a Notary to prepare legal documents or provide legal advice unless he or she is a licensed attorney.

Can handwritten or personally drafted documents be notarized?

Yes, however, notary/ certificate wording should be included in your document to ensure that it is properly notarized. If proper wording is not included a loose certificate can be attached. Please note, that the client must advise which certificate is to be attached. A notary cannot choose.

Choices include an Acknowledgement, which proves you signed the document, or a Jurat/Oath/Affirmation in which, the signer swears/affirms what they signed is true. Certifying a Copy of a Record and Certifying a tangible Copy of an Electronic Record.

**All clients must sign journal for record purposes**

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